short, sweet, and to-the-point — by Keith Elder

“No More Tangles…”


I was reading in God Calling this morning when a little phrase/image snagged my attention:

“It is not passionate appeal that gains the Divine Ear so much as the quiet placing of the difficulty and worry in the Divine Hands. So trust and be no more afraid than a child would be, who places its tangled skein of wool in the hands of a loving mother, and runs out to play,…” *

“…its tangled skein of wool….”

What’s your tangled skein? The moment I highlighted those words, your little spirit-elves took-off for the backroom of your brain, only to return a few moments later with your tangled skein (or skeins). The elves plopped the mangled mess on the counter, turned, and left you with…

…that troubled relationship—maybe new, maybe decades-old…

…an aging parent….

…health concerns….

…a child or teen struggling to find their place….

…a job that pays the bills but saps the soul…

…financial worries….

…bad choices from the past short-circuiting the present…

…self-doubt and fear sabotaging your possibilities….

Maybe I hit on one or more of your tangled skeins—maybe you have an unlisted skein. Either way, you have some challenge that won’t be untangled overnight.  There’s no easy way out, and there’s this nagging negative voice inside that says, “It will never get better.”

But it can.

To use the vernacular of a mid-high girl: “God is like,… the best untangler ever!!!”

The timetable varies, but the pattern goes something like this:

  1. Life gets tangled beyond our ability to untangle.
  2. In desperation, we cry-out for God’s help and wisdom
  3. We allow God free reign to untangle—when, where and how he will.
  4. We cooperate with his efforts and guidance.
  5. And before you know it—no more tangles.

It’s Ash Wednesday… the beginning of the Season of Lent. And whether you do the ashes or not, it might be a great 40-plus day period to have a skein or two untangled.

Keith Elder


* The readings in God Calling are dated, so you can find the full reading at and click on the date, February 18.)


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One thought on ““No More Tangles…”

  1. Beautifully written, Keith, and so timely for me today. Bless you & thank you.

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